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Renew & Restore Wellness

Renew & Restore Wellness

Health & Fitness

About Us

Renew & Restore Wellness is a medical spa in Blacksburg. Our whole-body cryotherapy sauna is at the core of our services. In addition to cryotherapy, we offer Red Light Therapy, Compression Therapy, CryoSlimming, and IV Hydration, making us a one-stop destination for holistic wellness and rejuvenation.

We serve a variety of clientele, from college athletes seeking peak performance to mature adults managing chronic inflammation caused by arthritis, Lyme disease, or even Long Covid. Our inclusive approach ensures that everyone can benefit from our services, regardless of age, background, or health goals.


Dr. Ethan Colliver and Lauren Colliver
IV Hydration
Whole Body Cryotherapy
Red Light Therapy
Compression Therapy

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