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Mount Regis Center


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About Us

Mount Regis Recovery Center is an intimate addiction recovery center that provides each patient with individualized treatment plans focused on the specific needs of each client. We use a holistic approach when treating addiction and co-occurring disorders making sure that every aspect of an individual is cared for. The staff at Mount Regis make it a priority to get to know each patient on a personal level, learning all about their personality, existing medical issues, likes and dislikes, all of the characteristics that make them unique. Since we are a 12-step addiction recovery center, we offer onsite detox. We offer a wide variety of therapeutic and experiential methods of treatment that are employed as soon as all toxins are safely removed from your body. Although we are mainly a group centered program, we do provide individual sessions on an as needed basis as well. We also take the time to include family in the recovery process so that you can help begin to mend lost family ties. Upon completion of our recovery program we provide a number of aftercare programs, such as partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient therapy, all of which are designed to help you continue to be successful with your sobriety.

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